1. Could it be?!

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  2. darlenesnk:

    When your otp doesn’t become canon.



  3. tachibanaofficial:

    did you mean back to TOKYO where MAKOTO IS GOING TO SCHOOL

  4. Hiding your relationship from your friends…

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  5. ady-dreamer said: I love how in your new comic Haru is like: "Stop looking at my Makoto! You birthday baka!" While Rin is trying to eat Sosuke's head! Like a good little shark-boy! Kawaii as always!


    Ahaha thanks<333 YEP Haru-chan IS A JEALOUS BABY he does not allow others to look at his mamakoto XD

  6. Even though I took one heck of a detour, I was finally able to come back here. And this time, I won't lose. It's time for revenge.

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  7. pijenn:

    I redid my ice cream bunny from a few years ago. She will be making her debut in my online shop next year/ during Katsucon!

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    Original by 靴下猫腰子 (with permission to repost)

    lame trans by me. Continue from Part 1

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    PixivID: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=11802326

    Cuando el SouMako entra por la puerta, el MakoHaru sale por la ventana (?).